USB DAC Henry Audio 128 mkII

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Henry Audio USB DAC 128MKII
Fantastisk lyd fra datamaskinen til stereo-anlegget


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USB DAC 128 mkII from Henry Audio gives you
Fantastic sound from computer to audio system

Now you can get great HiFi audio from a computer and into your sound system. Our digital audio converter is easily connected between PC and amplifier. It gives streaming and digital music top audio quality. USB DAC 128 mkII gets very high acclaim from the audio press.


Norwegian Henry Audio breathes new life into your HiFi setup with great sound from Spotify, Tidal, Tidal Masters or your stored CD collection.


Buy our DAC and let the PC sound better than CD players worth many times its price.

Henry Audio USB DAC 128 mkII is the result of an international collaboration. We are proud to offer a product which both sounds great right out of the box, and which is an open design. All the source code and schematics are Open Source.

Henry Audio USB DAC 128 mkII works with asynchronous USB Audio Class 1 and 2. It supports sample rates up to 192kHz. The audio converter works on Windows, Linux and Mac.

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