Abilix Robotics U

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Abilix Robotics U

STEM up your game

RoboticsU teaches kids the basic robotics and programming skills needed to better prepare them for STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) careers and interests.

Build Amazing Robots

Discover the wonder of building, programming and bringing all kinds of robots to life.

Play And Share

Share fun, engaging projects and games that sharpen minds while bringing parents and kids together.

Learn Through Experience

Better understand and apply first-hand the fascinating technologies shaping our future.


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Build Amazing Robots
Play And Share
Learn Through Experience





What’s in the box?

The Robotics U kit includes a touch screen computer “brain” with a built-in gyroscope and compass, ultrasonic sensor, 4 touch sensors, 2 motors, 2 wheels, tank treads, gears, and 400+ additional pieces!


Robotics U: The Fundamentals of Self Driving Vehicles
  • Computer «Brain»

    The brain processes code that tells the robot what to do.

  • Gyroscope

    Located inside the brain, the gyroscope «feels» tilt, keeping the bot balanced.

  • Motors

    Convert electrical energy into mechanical energy which moves gears and wheels.

  • Ultrasonic Sensor

    Using ultrasonic waves, this sensor «sees» by scanning the surroundings.




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